Update – 06-24-14:

Three points of interest.

First, the chief and some commissioners confirmed they read my blog, surprising only in that I thought the chief put me off limits. and they forbidden to. I must be wrong, in at least that the moratorium does not apply to upper admin.

Second, they call this post on the blog ‘misinformation’ and tried to explain it away today.

And third, in order to prevent misinformation from being spread on blogs, it was mentioned by the chief and some commissioners during the meeting that all one needed to do to get the real story, the truth, was simply ask the chief. So, in addition to the three earlier public records request which culminated in this report, I sent Chief Church an email this afternoon. Let’s see what happens. And when.




While a common honest citizen might find it expensive, the chief is giving it away in what many consider looks a lot like stealing.

The open market value is anywhere from $100 per month for a fenced off uncovered open field to about $300 for a heated garage.


Perks from friends


So why are we GIVING away a comfortable heated space, actually INSIDE Station 65 to a SKF&R employee? For OVER FIVE years?

Well, speculate as you will, but it must be because Chief Al Church thinks you will never find out.

While you would forever be worried about someone damaging or stealing your vehicle, one of the chiefs friends gets 24/7/365 guards in the way of secure building and full time firefighters.

Here is the list of vehicles owned by SKF&R as of June 4, 2014.

You will see that one of them is a 1941 Stanford Pumper. Is that the truck we see at parades and other public events the fire district attends? I think not. See below.

Most of the others are functional vehicles, fire trucks and aid units along with vehicles the administrative staff get to drive home every day. (Why pay for gas when they have your wallet?)


Wheres the KW?


Do you see a KW fire truck on the list? A shiny fully restored vintage KW?

Why not?

Well folks, the reason is it is NOT a district owned vehicle.

Even though it is parked at 4966 S, 289th, Auburn, WA 98001. Commonly called Station 65.

Right next to the aid unit. Inside the station.

Admittedly, it is hard to get a picture of or even see the KW, since the doors are usually kept closed, and since it is normally hidden behind the fire engine. Even with the doors open, you can’t see it from the public side of the station when the regular trucks are in the station.

But once in a while you get lucky and drive by on a warm day to find the fire engine blocking it on a call and the bay door wide open.

So why is it not on the list?

Private vehicle gets free secured garage, at your expense


So why are the taxpayers of this district giving an overpaid administrator a $300 per month heated parking spot for FREE?


This is a gift of over $3,600 per year and Chief Al Church is more than happy to give your money away. Conservatively, using this space alone for the last five years, he has authorize over $18,000 to be stolen from you.


But, don’t worry, the chief is alright with that. And I suspect his 4 fire commissioner cronies know and agree.


As an extra bonus, Chief Church does not require what a retail storage unit will require, (title must match renter, vehicle requires insurance, vehicle requires registration and vehicle requires title)

He knows about it and condones it. Integrity?

What about Insurance fraud?


Oh, and what about the liability to the district?

If this personal vintage fire truck were to be the cause of damage to any district property, or injury to  personnel, we would, quite simply, be screwed. Although, I am sure the ‘facts’ would show it was not the cause. They would probably show the personal vehicle was not even in the building. Surprised?


And talk about integrity. Where the hell is the integrity? For YEARS, many of our battalion chiefs, assistant chiefs, duty chiefs and union firefighters have been assigned guard duty for this private vehicle and said NOTHING!

Nearly everyone in this district knew about this illegal storage and not a soul came forward, much less bothered to question the ethics or integrity.

Such is the rule of a czar.

Don’t dare cross Al Church.

And another one

At Station 66, just off 272nd in Des Moines, there sits another nice collector piece from the past. A well restored and cared for antique Chevrolet.

If you read this article in the Waterland Blog, you may have caught this quote:

“Did you happen to see the antique fire truck from South King Fire & Rescue with its new co-pilot last Saturday? Custodian Dick Body said “this dog is going to be with me wherever I go from now on.”

While one might assume from the text that the truck was owned by SKF&R, it is not real clear, and the truck is not on The List.

So, again the gift of absolutely FREE storage for a friend. Is this the truck we see at all those public events? The one the firefighters polish up while on duty?

We may even be paying for the repairs and parts.

Free Gifts

But why are the taxpayers of this district giving an overpaid administrator and another of the chiefs friends $300 per month heated parking spots for FREE?

This is another gift of over $3,600 per year of your money that Chief Al Church is more than happy to give away. Conservatively, using this space alone for the last five years, he has authorize over $18,000 additionally be stolen from you.

Anyone know who is getting this sweet perk?



I almost forgot to mention.

Go to the commissioner meeting at Station 68. Look out the window into the training yard. Or see it by looking through the fence on the east side. If this is the 1941 Stanford Pumper on the official list, it is not nearly as cared for as the privately owned ones.

But then what would you expect for a publicly owned fire truck no one wants? They would treat it like they do the privately owned ones?


Business as usual for our chief. Another way to screw the taxpayer.


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