Claims of speaking the truth.


Something to consider as we head into another huge revenue seeking ballot measure. And fat revenue forecast.

At the last board meeting, a commissioner was trying to clarify a matter in the commissioner guidelines about accessibility to having issues brought to the board.

The process works something like this: a member of the public might raise a question to an administration member, fire commissioner or the fire chief, and if the answer does not satisfy them, what alternative do they have? Some would think the matter ends with the person’s response (or lack thereof) without remedy. Others might consider the Public Comment section of the board meeting their only alternative. But this venue also often is passed over (outright ignored) without due review.

According to the guidelines, there is another avenue; put it on the agenda for the next meeting.

Apparently the guidelines have a process for in individual to do exactly that. Presumably, if it is on the agenda, it will get more attention than just a comment. A comment is often heard for the first time at a meeting and unless the answer is immediately known, (it usually is but they can play dumb with supposed surprise) it can be politely shuffled off to eternity.

Not likely if they don’t want to deal with it, but at least the commissioners and the administration have at least 24 hours, possibly 72 hours, to become familiar with it, if any of them are remotely so inclined.


When the Chief speaks

Anyway, while the matter of an individual adding an item to the agenda was being aired, an example, (blogging reports), was mentioned to help clarify when such an action might be requested by the individual.

The example was quickly seized upon by Chief Church as an opportunity for him to declare if you want the Truth, ask him. He will impart the Word to you.

The chief says he wanted to address the issue of bloggers misrepresenting the ‘facts’. Actually he alluded to them more as spreading lies.

And further claimed He is the truth teller of the department. While some of his lacky commissioners bobbled their heads in assent, He reaffirmed if you want the truth, ask Him.

Even the chairman of the board says this is the right process to pursue.

Of course, don’t expect an answer. Any email I sent the Chief has been ignored for months now. Typical.


But let’s hear an example of the Truth as told by the Chief.

However, as to the truth, Chuck Kahler’s nicely restored vintage Kenworth fire truck that the Chief allows to be parked 24/7/365 for years inside a fire station now remains out of public view, even though the Chief Truth Giver claimed it was used many times at public events and to promote good in the community. In sharp contrast to what the Chief says, it has NEVER been to a public event. And of course, the other relic that his good buddy Chuck Kahler owns still sits behind station 64, is totally unworthy of public display as it sits neglected and rusting away.

Dick Body is the only driver to move any of the antique fire trucks and while his log does not identify which truck he drove, at every occasion mentioned the only classic in view was the Chevrolet/Stanford pumper. This is understandable since it is the only restored fire truck owned by the district.

Meanwhile, both of Chuck Kahler’s privately owned antiques remain on, or inside, publicly owner property at taxpayer expense.

This is the truth and no one at the district has proven it false. Especially not the Chief.

So is it the almighty Chief that is spreading lies, and his ‘dear friends’ the commissioners openly supporting it?

Remember that when he comes asking for tens of millions for new equipment. Is it really needed? Or is it just another spin on the Truth?

If the Chief is so inured to telling lies, how can the public be convinced anything he says is true?

Will his penchant for ignoring the voters cost our district new equipment?

It is quickly becoming obvious there is little confidence in his ability to lead this organization.


Open Public Meetings

Wonder why they bothered sitting through the Open Public Meeting seminar. Oh, wait, I know. They got paid for it.

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