Again the highly paid communications officer can’t communicate. He is so used to talking exclusively with staff about internal operations, he must think we too can read his mind.

I imagine the fire district is breaking their arm patting themselves on the back after what they likely consider a quick response to a citizen suggestion last night.

The town hall presentation consisted of dozens of slides glossing over how much they want, how much it will cost you per year, and vague misleading places where it will be spent.

By calling it a Safety measure, they hope you will ignore the millions for a new administration palace (hidden under the name better selling name Fleet/Facilities), or that the new multimillion dollar fire station will sit empty because we have no staffing to fill it, (Unless they staff it with exclusively OVERTIME employees).

But the citizen asked how can the public contact the district with their questions or suggestions.

A good question, since the district had no input method on their website.

But today it think it does. Today it is a Facebook Harvesting ploy.

From the git-go it is filled with juvenile mistakes far beneath the caliber of public servants the district says they have on staff. And want $54,000,000 to keep paying.

Foremost, the page has no information for you to read telling you anything about the ballot measure that might enable you to ask a question. If you did not go to the unadvertised personal invitation only Town Hall meeting, you have absolutely NO IDEA what they want.

No mention of the price tag, no mention of the ‘aging fleet’, no mention of the crumbling buildings, no mention of the Swiss cheese fire boat, no mention of anything that will be on the ballot.

Then, “If you have questions or comments you can send them to us by clicking on the blue writing that says “please share your comments”.

No place on the page is there such a phrase, blue or otherwise.

If you click the blue Community Voice button, however, it goes go to a page that deceives you into thinking something will happen.

You get to play a search game, click several pointless links that take you nowhere and tell yo nothing, and if you are lucky you get to see that the CAO is Top Voice.

Basically, it is a just a Facebook Harvesting ploy.

You are REQUIRED to give them personal FaceBook information about you to even ask How Much they want.

Personal Facebook information like that which got the chiefs son in big trouble with the Department of Health.

But then, I am obviously mistaken. It probably works perfectly as intended. Frustrate the voter and do nothing for the money.

Have they actually heard from even one member of the public not deep in their pocket?

These clowns are so full of themselves and anxious to get their hooks into your wallet they are rushing blindly to the ballot box on the back of a gathering personal information about you.

They are hanging their helmet on the word Safety and hoping you fall for it hook ladder and sinker.

Back to the drawing board.


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