Anyone doubting that the commissioners are quite satisfied with their not so broad reaching citizen input meetings and will rush forward with putting this measure on the April Ballot?

Even though the majority of the mere dozen or so (total) attendees not already of the inner circle expressed concern over lack of any legitimate notice of the so called ‘Citizen Input’ meetings?


Neither am I.


In fact, one of the comments really hit the mark. When asked about the compounding huge tax increases coming from several levels of government, and what the cumulative impact might mean for the taxpayer, the district responded with little concern for anything there than their own pockets.

They are afraid that if they wait until after the King County radio tax passes, among others, you will feel too pinched to approve money for their wants.

They need to have their hands out first. And they are betting heavily on you not reading beyond the word Safety, either.


Add another tax on the ballot in a year or so

Remember, the chief stating that the district can not spend any of it on anything other than equipment and structures?

Do you know what he was really saying? That as soon as the new fire station is built, the district will come back begging for more money to hire firefighters.

Remember? Not one dime can be spent on anything other then equipment.

So where do you think the money comes from to hire the new firefighters? Over $2,000,000 per year?

Yep! Another tax increase.

Of course, it won’t really be sold to you as a new tax. They’ll just call it an extension of the existing Excess Levy.

Ever heard of a tax actually expiring? Didn’t think so.



As an aside, remember that survey they conducted last fall? Probably not, since it was so widely advertised. But anyway, I asked for the results two weeks ago. Curious what we got at $86 bucks per phone call.

Not the least bit surprised the district is withholding the results until AFTER the special meeting Thursday. Wouldn’t want the public to be able read it a day or so in advance so they are able to ask intelligent questions about it before the vote, would they?


Not even the vaguest hint of open government with this bunch.


After all, as we heard at every meeting from the crowing back slapping commissioner, the board has over 100 years of firefighting experience to back up their stalwart we-know-better-than-you/whats-good-for-you/look-down-their-nose attitude.



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