Fireworks at the meeting this afternoon.


With little regard for how stupid they looked, and childish they acted, a couple of the commissioners, with cheering from the chief, again showed how juvenile and disrespectful they can be. Not satisfied the commissioners were doing a good enough job making fools of themselves, the chief added his plugged nickels worth too.


While one commissioner tactfully avoided the meeting, (excused but maybe only running late, according to the chair), two others launched a full attack on the lone voice of reason, while the third kept wiping his face. In despair?

Apparently the paragraph that appears on the bottom of every agenda applies not to the chief, or eager to attack commissioners. Respect is clearly not a part of their persona, and civility is grossly absent.


Adding to the bizarre setting, this latest display of dirty laundry was aired while invited honorees waited patiently for their place on the agenda.


Commissioner Comments


Two commissioners spoke of their activities this past month, which consisted of some external meetings.

Then Commissioner Freitas was offered his turn at comments. And he had many.Too many to list here.

From asking about the appointment of committees, which is usually completed in January, Chairman Gates is shirking his responsibility until, maybe, May, to special session commissioner meetings about the union contract which is due this year, the reaction was heated.

Add pending litigation concerning the city of Des Moines; members of the district potentially illegally using district email to advocate, or dissuade, persons running for office; potential lies from the administration about holding public meetings for the bond issue; and something about a salary survey that was quickly squashed, and you can see why the chief was openly enraged, actually cursing at the Commissioner Freitas.

Chairman Gates had no commissioner comments and so quickly launched into other items on the agenda, he ignored the order by skipping past one agenda item.

Not sure what the police chief and other members of his department thought of this infantile display, but I am sure they were not comfortable. After these members of the police force were honored for life-saving acts they performed in 2014, they evaporated from the chambers.


$53.7 million bond on April ballot


By the way. One of the questions that Commissioner Freitas asked concerned public meetings to explain the bond measure. At every single on of the three hastily called meetings in late January, early February, all of which were sparsely attended by members of the public, Commissioner Gates and Chief Church promised more outreach and more educational public meetings would be held if the commissioners approved putting the measure on the ballot.

Commissioner Freitas asked specifically when those meeting would be held, and were they being scheduled.

Chief Church said three of them were held. And no others are currently scheduled.

But that is a bald faced lie. The three meetings Chief Church spoke of today were those held pre-approval by the board, not any meetings as promised held AFTER the board voted to put the measure forth to the people.

The only public informational or educational meetings were to put forth the question, Should SKF&R put the bond measure on the ballot?

Not a single open public Educational meeting has been scheduled or held to help inform the public of the actual measure that was put on the ballot.

Proof is as simple as checking their meeting list. Nary a meeting in sight. The farce continues.

Even at today’s meeting, the last one scheduled before the vote, there was no educational mention of the ballot measure.

Chief Church and his band of merry men are all Liars.



We want our endorsement back


Meanwhile the games continued as Commissioner Fossos and Chairman Gates suffered buyers remorse over the letter they so happily approved, voted 3-2 to support, and sent to the county last month regarding the mega-million dollar PSERN radio vote.


As if their play acting today was anything but chest beating, they tag-teamed each other making fools of themselves trying to rescind their letter of support. As if it mattered. The ballot measure will be fully decided by the time the so-called wah wah I-Screwed-Up-Give-Me-Back-My-Endorsement Letter is drafted, and they damn well know it.

Just a dog and pony show for political advantage. Though it is more like playing the public fool, to me.


You know that Damn well!


Oh, on the title? That’s what it sounded like the Fire Chief retorted to Commissioner Freitas when asked about sending the commissioner some material regarding one of the issues. Specifically in response to the comment about notifying Commissioner Freitas regarding potential litigation with the fire district.

“It was handled in an email to you and you know that damn well!” Chief Church declared.

Excuse me?, the taken aback Commissioner Freitas said.

And the chief, so full of himself, uncontrolled and to angry to even realize how asinine he sounded, or where he was, repeated himself

Imagine how he acts out of public view.

You know that damn well!


Are these the people you trust $53,700,000 of your hard earned tax dollars?

Too arrogant to even realize the damage they are causing the district, no wonder the ship is sinking while these commissioners and administration founder.


Maybe this explains why Gordon Olson chose to leave the state to get away from this bunch.




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