In the wisdom of a person who considers himself true leader:

The need and rationale to have a severance pay established at twenty four (24) months no longer exists.”










Exciting news.


Effective September 1, 2015, Chief Allen Church volunteered to a modification in his employment contract.


Listen to this audio of the August 20 meeting.


Commissioner William Gates read this statement into the record:

‘the need and rationale to have severance pay of 24 months no longer exists.’


Ask yourself two questions.



Why, in November 2010, did Chief Allen Church, Commissioner William Gates and Commissioner James Fossos feel it necessary to hold a secret meeting to modify the chiefs’ contract mid term to read 24 months severance pay instead of 12 months severance pay? (Section 7b) It passed with a 4-1 after sudden executive session.

Why was it raised to 24 months? What did he fear? Who did he fear?



What happened August 4th 2015 that made Chief Allen Church feel comfortable waiving a $180,000 dollar severance package?



Do you consider this corruption?

It is apparent that Chief Church, and most of the commissioners, considers the two candidates on the ballot as peas in the same pod, easily manipulated to disregard the struggle of the people and maintain a smooth ride of business as usual with unnecessary tax increases.


There has been ample evidence from the rubber stamp choices and the put a better public face on the district opinions from the candidates that they should feel very comfortable. But listen to the audio and let me know what you think.


Church contract


Church contract.0001



What do you think? Are you comfortable with 5 out of 5 commissioners rubber stamping everything the chief wants? Putting personal and union interests above safety?


I offer a solution.


Put an end to a corrupt and secret government.

Write-In Jerry Galland for Position 2


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