Just had to pass this along.

Apparently a few years ago another unhappy voter put together a YouTube video against Prop1.


Got my Official Property Value Notice from the King County Assessors office the other day.

Great news! My property value has, just as I predicted, gone up. In my case over 9%.

So I, like the rest of the property owners in the county, get to pay more taxes to our local jurisdictions.

And the fire district gets to collect more of our money next year.



They get more money? Nine percent more money? But they are screaming poverty and destruction?

Voters, assessed valuations are way up, King County has successfully passed PSERN, and, with the help of Seattle voters, most likely will pass the Youth levy.

While your wages stay stagnant, theirs increase.

Locally, the school district has gone to the full allowable amount and maxed it’s levy collections, again squeezing your wallet to the point of near extinction.

Now our labor favoring SKF&R board, lead by the labor cum fire chief, who threw out budgeting and capital reserves in favor of sympathy and “hand outs” from the besieged taxpayers want you to keep paying now, and paying much more later, with Prop 1?

Guess what else is happening RIGHT NOW? A new labor contract is being cooked. By the 4 bought and paid for labor friendly commissioners, your chief(former member of the same union) and a larger than last time labor force hungry for raises.

Make them fund their expenses from within. Just like you do every payday. It was there, they squandered it and now, like some incompetent greedy corporation, come begging your bailout.

Quit demonizing “voices of reason” coming from several directions.

Start by taking back our fire services the only way we can, “one vote at a time” and make SKF&R use the millions and millions we already pay, wisely.

And for you abused taxpayers and voters in Federal Way, let me mention the soon to be assessed $35million performing arts cost, championed by “special interests” and for which you will forced into paying without your vote!

If you did not get a 10% pay raise THIS YEAR, you are already losing buying power next year.

Add another tax, and you money gets even more worthless.

Meanwhile, the under employed, homeless and soon to be homeless, here in south King County, Des Moines, and Federal Way just keep paying!

We are not governments cash cow.

It is high time we started demanding accountability.


Reject Prop 1!


But wait, there’s more!

If you are a new voter not yet a home owner, there’s something in the levy for you, too. Higher rents! Somebody has to pay for the voter approved measures.

Yes, it’s your Landlord. Guess what that means? Your rent goes up to pay your  “fair share”.

Think your Landlord will be happy to pay? He (and you) already have to pay for the new schools, communication systems, pay increases, and known but unplanned for things that are absolutely necessary.

I guess that means your food, entertainment, transportation, phone, and RENT also become fair game for their largess and incompetence.



Hay, while you’re filling out your ballot, take a moment to get a real advocate on the board.

See that line for Other?

Everywhere you see it, Write in Jerry Galland for fire commissioner.


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