Read these pages to see the truth about how the fire district spends your money. Use the Search feature to find articles of interest.

In my advertising, I make reference to demanding open government.

I support the Washington Coalition for Open Government will ask the State Legislature to strengthen the state’s Open Public Meetings Act as presented in their recent press release.

I tell you the current administration views both of the other candidates as Rubber Stamps. Read what the chief has to say

I tell you that there were adequate reserves to pay for everything this new bond raises your taxes for. Until the people responsible for YOUR TAX MONEY hire non-essential employees, gave across the board raises and gave generous increases to the union!! Read who is ‘negotiating’ the new labor contract. (See anyone representing YOU?)

I tell you that the district used $20,600 of YOUR TAX MONEY to defend the fire chief’s son for the very same charge of Unprofessional Conduct that THEY found him guilty of. Then both the district and the employee failed to follow the law to report it to the Department of Health.

When the district tries to sweep it under the rug, pays thousands to their public relations officer, flood the media with feel-good stories and fluff, only one person brings the truth of wasted spending to the light of day.

But guess who they want on the board now. Roger Flygare. A admitted liar. Who wears a  Purple Heart. But can’t seem to prove he earned it.

SKF&R Leadership CHOSE to risk the lives of our firefighters and not maintain equipment by throwing out proven methods used by successful business and governments EVERYWHERE.

Because they know you will give them more money.

Knowing what you know now, are you?

VOTE NO Prop 1, until they change their ways!

Write-In Jerry Galland for all fire commissioner positions.


Federal Way Mirror -Meet the candidate

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