The Federal Way Mirror ran a story about the Board of Commissioners today. Interesting reading on how fast an elected body will rush something through when their perceived privacy is aired.

Boy, talk about knee-jerk reactions!

Things are really on fire at SFK&R.
One public citizen shows up with a video camera at one meeting and the commissioners panic. First they stop the meeting so they can rush into closed session to oppose it, then drop everything to fire up another special meeting to “revise its guidelines”!

What are they so worried about the public knowing?

And when does the board convene to “revise its guidelines”? In the afternoon or evening when the public can attend? NOPE!! First thing Monday morning, thank you! Can’t afford to miss work for a public meeting? Too bad. Wait up to a month to read the ‘official’ minutes for a sanitized version.

Better yet, want to see the ‘new guidelines’ that regulate YOU? Get ready to file a Public Records Act request, wait three weeks, then pay for each page. They rush into passing new guidelines to ‘control’ the very public they are holding the meeting for, then shuffle the new rule into their files only to charge you to read it! Talk about secrecy!

The entire Board of Commissioners Guidelines should be posted on the elected governance website for all to freely see. How else will we know the rules?

By the way, if a citizen shows up with a camera, quietly sets it up and records a meeting, that is NOT disruptive. If someone calls them out or otherwise makes a commotion, then they are the ones being disruptive, not the citizen with the recording device, so that is NOT justification to disallow the video recording.

There may be some things the district doesn’t want you to be aware of.
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