Many have written of the nepotism in the fire district.


In addition to these pages, articles have surfaced from Mr. Federal Way, Bob Roegner and If I Were Czar (Matthew Jarvis).


All of these opinions and observations were dismissed by both candidates as merely a few dissenting voices. Neither candidate sees public perception as an issue. Both stated they could easily deal with it.


Among other questionable topics of concern in the fire district, these people wrote to the case of the chiefs son getting special treatment, and tax dollars for attorney fees, and ask the questions citizens need to ask of a public agency.


And the district, true to form, remains silent.


And the candidates continued to support the lie last night. Repeating the statement, against all proof to the contrary, ‘there is no nepotism’.


The public knows better. Stop drinking the Kool-aid.


In absentia, or, After the fact leadership.


Not willing to do the job your are seeking office for is abhorrent. Knowing the duties and responsibilities, familiar with the agency and people you will need to deal with to perform your elected responsibility is paramount to effectively serving your constituents.


And when the primary job of commissioner is to attend public meetings at the district, of special concern those dealing with budget proposals and public hearings, BOTH of your candidates had ‘something more important to do’. Neither was at the meeting.


These two candidates ‘read the minutes’ of the meetings to find out what is going on.The minutes that are not available until approved, ONE MONTH LATER, by the board.


Really? Supposedly concerned want-to-be commissioners, requiring firsthand knowledge to respond to responsibilities as they happen, depending on second hand word of mouth, incomplete reports and month old information to make decisions that affect YOUR SAFETY?


As we heard at the forum, one opines the minutes are woefully brief, without substance. Well, the obvious solution, and one that these guys are deaf to, would be to attend, and participate, in them. Like a representative of the public is committed to do.


Like the writer of this blog does.  Like Write-In Jerry Galland does.


Takes your voice to the meetings, not spreads the blanket of deceit for the district.


Open Public Meetings is not a catchphrase. It is the law. Actively participating is not an option, it is a requirement.


Neither candidate takes your view seriously.


Neither candidate sees the problems like you do.


Neither candidate is going to do anything to make the needed changes to ensure our leadership is capable of passing the bar of public opinion, and passing responsible levy and bond measures to support our safety.


Write-In Jerry Galland for both fire commissioner positions.

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