Doing the same thing while expecting different results.


Remember the promise to hire 9 new firefighters with the $3.5 million EXCESS Levy? The chief, with approval of the board of commissioners, said $1,000,000 per year would be required.


But three days after the EXCESS Levy passed the district accepted a grant to hire the firefighters. So, what did the district spend that suddenly extra cool million, PER YEAR, on?


Certainly not essentials like fire trucks and fire stations.


Instead of holding the district accountable, the Federal Way Mirror editorial board thinks we should just do the same thing again. And mildly suggests they make improvements.


With all due respect, most of the members of the editorial board were at the fire commissioner forum but this endorsement shows they were not paying attention.

Both commissioner candidates said there is no nepotism in the fire district.

Both commissioner candidates said there is no public image problem, just a few unfounded voices of opposition.

Both commissioner candidates said they are too busy to attend meetings.

And the editorial board must have been aware of the ongoing problems or they would not have stipulated ‘conditions’.

Nothing has changed within the fire district since the failure of the April bond.

They just kicked up their propaganda machine.

Chief’s son is still there. Commissioners son is still there. Children of the staff are routinely hired as summer help without EEO offered to the general populace.

Yet, somehow, by endorsing this bond, the Editorial board thinks if the district gets the voter approval they want (and one of those two candidates gets elected), positive change will occur?

Time to step back and take a serious objective look.

This supposed leadership will not take bond passage as a message they need to improve. They will taut the vote as approval of past and existing practices.

You do not reward a child for misbehaving with an ice cream cone while simply asking them not to misbehave.

By not stipulating proven improvement PRIOR to giving the district more money, the editorial boards endorsement failed the citizens.

And conveniently meets the definition of insanity.

Reject Prop 1. Demand change before reward.

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