Trust them. They are from the government and are here to help.


Were you under the impression this was merely a $39 million bond? Well read the propaganda from the union.

Keep South King Safe is a wholly funded political arm of the IAFF 2024 spending over $64,000 pushing a $53.7 million November 3rd bond.

In your mailbox is a flyer for the November 3rd election.

It clearly states this is a $53.7 million bond.

“Prop. 1 is a $53.7 million bond measure for Fire Station, Emergency Response, and Firefighter Safety Equipment Improvements. The cost for the average homeowner would be $78 per year or $6.50 per month.”

Freudian Slip? Proofreading error?

Is the union lying? Or is the district lying again?

Either way, it just shows this leadership is broken.

I am sure it has nothing to do with the union contract approved this afternoon.


BTW, yes, I had to scan both sides. The supporters may lie to you and claim I merged two documents to make a false one. That would not be fact. Quick, grab that flyer from YOUR recycle bin and read it for yourself.

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