UPDATE – Commissioner Mark Freitas is calling for accountability in the dealings of some of the SKF&R board members.

on Nov. 15, the commissioners approved an extension of Church’s contract…….Commissioners Mark Freitas and John Rickert voted against the renewal. (Commissioner) Freitas said he had not had enough time to review the new contract; (Commissioner) Rickert asked before the vote for more time to look at the contract, which was denied.

Neither Gates nor Church could provide a copy of the contract until the chief signs it.

At the November 18 meeting, Commissioner Freitas announced that he will be requesting an independent review of the process and would be paying for it himself.

I, for one, am offering to help pay for that review and look forward to the findings. Anyone else serious about holding our elected officials accountable?

And it just keeps getting better. Remember this article dealing with outrageously high pay for a fire chief ?

Whose name comes up in that article? Our very own Chief Financial Officer David Lawson!

Now, to be fair, Chief Church’s new salary, while stated as not having gone up, is not public, yet. So we really have no idea what it actually is, do we?

(emphasis added)

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