Respectful requests for clarification have been dis-respectfully ignored.

I guess I need to report the action to State Auditor Brian Sonntag or Attorney General Rob McKenna and let them sort this out. I have made several requests to Chief Financial Officer David Lawson regarding the discrepancy in the 2010 budget and have been totally and dis-respectfully ignored.

Next logical step is to contact the state auditor and the Attorney General to report flagrant violations of the mis-appropriation of public dollars. Maybe a formal investigation will prompt a civil response.

A full week has passed and this simple and reasonable citizen question has been ignored.

Yet we are told that we should simply remain silent and blindly trust the administrative  staff.

Meanwhile, I really want to know if Commissioners Fossos and Richert truly believe that, (in conflict with RCW 52.14.010 and the adopted revised SKF&R Board of Commissioners Guidelines for the Conduct of Board Meetings, Proceedings and Business  [section 16.7]), taking the tax payers money for an extended trip to Colorado for an IAFF Union function is proper use of tax payer funds.

Inquiring minds want to know. (Yes, this is the public’s business).

Update: Received a letter from David Lawson.  Simply said thanks for bringing the issue to  his attention.

This from the person responsible for “The CFO reviews all purchase orders and credit card transactions to ensure they are within approved budgets and are appropriate transactions for the use of public funds.”

20 Responses to “So, when does the public get to know how your money is spent?”
  1. Chuck Brezina says:

    Like me, there are many others awaiting response from these “trusted” public officials.
    The clock is ticking, officials.

    • Aaron says:

      The only clock that is ticking is yurs old man. Follow the facts, understand their position and know why ther money is bein spent the way it is otherwise you are like many others here that believe in what is said and not fact.

  2. Chuck Brezina says:

    Facts and only the Facts, Aaron.
    And I understand their advantaged “position” all too well.

  3. Aaron says:

    I just think there should be some resolve somehow. Don’t ask me how I can provide you with any way of doing so but I feel that with how you are putting time (and am guessing some kind of finance) into this website, you would actually want some kind of resolve.

    All I see is that you are leading people on, letting them see these “facts” but there isn’t a single action being taken against it.

    • Jerry says:

      Obviously, you mean no action that you have yet seen. But, as you must know, government sometimes works very slowly.

      And, all the while, I continue to gather facts that reinforce my position.

      As stated before, time will tell.

  4. Aaron says:

    The government. Let me take a look at that dry spell. I believe they are the same institution that has had a drought the same length of time that it takes them to put away criminals in Alabama.

    I say this, facts are extremely useless unless you have evidence to back them. Investigate further, give us some more competent reinforcement to back your statements and I may be more interested. I want to come to your blog, read an interesting writing that not only catches eye but brings me out of my seat, either against or for your cause.

    You have yet to do either one “Jerry” as you have yet to bring a clear focus of what this site is for, except to bring visitors that accidentally typed in the wrong website to view what you call statements that are proposed fact without decent proof. I find this to be the problem and hence may not even incur real interest.

    Which leads me to question: Do you even have any other visitors beyond Chuck and myself?

    • Jerry says:

      Sound kind of impatient.

      But, interesting isn’t it, for such a loyal visitor, that while you seem to await every new post, not only are you disappointed with my blog, but you can’t stay away or restrain from commenting?

      Since the information is slowly dribbling out of those government agencies, I trust that at some time that the additional Public Records Act requests which I have submitted will be fulfilled, just to fill in some of the blanks. And I am patient enough to wait for those additional facts.

  5. Chuck Brezina says:


    Don’t be so sure that there are no visitors to this site. Many people fear leaving comments or names, they do not want to be targets and I can name many ways that one can be targeted.

    I see you leave only your first name or fake name so as to hide too no doubt. I am a duely elected PCO and as a Marine, I hide from no one. I fight for Right and Freedom, not privilege and regulation and especially advantaged privilege and fraud I see in progress.

    BTW Government banks on two things among others, 1. govern by crisis and 2.slug pace attendence to anything attacking them, to wait you out so you go away.
    I suggest that you invite your friends to attend this site we need branches to the tree.

    • Jerry says:

      You raise a good point. I was wondering if Aaron was his real name, too. When you look at the writing style and content, whoever it is appears to be trying very hard not to be identified.

  6. Aaron says:

    Chuck Brezina,

    Hiding your identity only is normal these days. Putting your entire name out there gives the ability of someone identifying more than just a name, maybe even a location.

    Let me say this though, what makes you worry so much about how I identify myself? And why did you spend enough time to worry about that when you could have been researching the cause that your site is forefront for?

    I have a feeling you don’t have ANY firepower and these are all just words. I have yet to see one document posted Jerry. When you were running for State Representative I remember seeing several documents and even on you seem to have some documentation. At least it’s a start. Documentation gives non-believers a reason to believe. I haven’t seen anything except links to sites so that we can waste our time. Throw up a file like you have done before. Or are you having a problem getting that information I wonder?

    You are putting your effort somewhere else. Why not direct it to a formal point?

    Lastly, how is it that you didn’t post my last comment in full? Are you finally starting to fear the public identifying with my honesty and not letting my voice be heard? I recall you doing this to a certain firefighter not too long ago Jerry. Restriction. That one word sums it up I think. Consider, you are hosting a public forum and you are censoring. That is very interesting to share your opinion and pick and choose what others can say.

    Food for thought.

    • Jerry says:

      This confirms what has been suspected for some time, that the comment author Aaron is hiding behind an avatar. Apparently Aaron has something serious to lose if true identity known. And not willing to take responsibility for their words, like the blog owner or the other readers.

      BTW, every diatribe Aaron has submitted so far to this blog is posted unedited and in it’s entirety as submitted. So one can only assume Aaron left something out that they intended to submit.

      Anyone reading this blog will agree that I have been extremely tolerant, but, since the content Aaron submits has not been beneficial to the intent of this site, and until it does, I see no reason to allow avatar Aaron to continue using this informational site for his ranting. So we probably will not read much from him in the future.

      This blog is for real people who have concerns about the mis-approriation of taxpayers money and want to discuss it here.

  7. Aaron says:

    Why won’t you hear from me for a while?

    I don’t get it…

  8. Chuck Brezina says:

    Hiding is normal for thieves, bandits and outlaws. My location is well known as is Jerry’s. Jerry has put questions to the front that demand answers. He has published the SKFR meeting minutes for you and other nay sayers to look at for answers. He has made requests to departments charged by law to produce requested information and they have not. Perhaps Jerry should put them in braille just for you, you are obviously blind.

    I see you as a, most likely, paid “heckler” or by your own admission you would not be here, as you said ” I have a feeling you don’t have ANY fire power and these are all just words”… so why are you here?

    BTW, the word “any” does not mean “no” as in fire power. and thank you, these are all “Just” words.

    • Jerry says:


      Aaron fails to bring anything pertinent to the conversation. Just a rant and attack showing how dis-satisfied he is.

      Since I respect the other readers of this blog, I refuse to grant him any more space by allowing a nobody to rant.

      As stated before, comments will only be allowed by real people and there is no reason to expect this avatar will identify himself.

      Until identity confirmed, further rants from Aaron will not be viewable.

      For all of his unreasonable demands and expectations, not once has he offered anything to counter my factual observations.

  9. Aaron says:

    A nobody. I see how you feel about this Mr. Galland. You should consider your blog a public nuisance considering that you keep leading us on yet bringing nothing new to the community.

    And as for your comment about real people being allowed to post their subjective content, I am real. Otherwise your otherwise cheap CAPTCHA Code would not permit me to post. Therefore, I believe that I have just a much a say as anyone else here.

    I do have a question for you though Mr. Galland.

    What do you intend on bringing to us by investigating Colorado Springs?

  10. Aaron says:

    I think you misunderstand me Jerry.

    You should answer my question instead of insult me.

    I have yet to insult you. Unethical behavior sch as this may not be in your best concern.

  11. Aaron says:

    I have a feeling I need to prepare something big for you Mr. Galland.

    You have yet to give us any reasonable information. Just solid fact on what they have potentially done and no resolve.

    Me, being one of your readers (and an official contributor of comments, not data) is looking for resolve. I want to see you succeed, yes. But so far you have done nothing more than share content to your community. I am sure that your readers over at SKF&R are interested to see where you go with all of this too.

    Are you starting to grow weary of their games? Turning you away? It’s in their handbook I suspect.

  12. Aaron says:

    How about I delete your comments Mr. Galland?

  13. Aaron says:

    Still deleting my comments?

    Lets see what our next step shall be.

    I hope you have a strong password Jerry. For your sake.

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