In recognition of these tough economic times, the firefighters of South King Fire and Rescue have agreed to waive the contract negotiated 2% wage increase, permanently. Or at least until the next contract negotiations, anyway.

I was mistaken in thinking the Memorandum of Understanding with Local 2024 on the agenda for this afternoons meeting would deal with Honor Guard. That brewing story is on this site elsewhere.

Apparently, and according to Chief Allen Church, the union membership voted 76-26 to approve the move and the district will save an estimated $246,621 this year alone.

Kudos for stepping up to the challenge!

The math (according to Taxwatch, comment from the Mirror)

2% increase for 102 firefighters (the number voting) = $2,417.85 for each voting member

$2,417.85 *  50 =  $120,892.64 average annual wage per firefighter.

Yes, I suppose a one time forgoing of a 2% increase in these tough economic times might just be tolerable.

Taxwatch numbers checked

Taxwatch, thanks for the figures, but as was pointed out by another comment poster on the Mirror article, FifeKev (thanks), and with a check of the Local 2024 website,  a closer number would be that  “South King County Professional Firefighters is comprised of 130+ union firefighters”.  With that information applied to the calculation, the 2% at best only represents about $1897 and the annual salary estimate drops to about $94,854.

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