UPDATE 1/20/11-  08:30am

Amazing how fast things can happen sometimes.

Just one day has passed since I sent Chief Al Church an email about the blatant hypocrisy of the ‘volunteer’ vs thousands of dollars per year in overtime pay spent on the Honor Guard.

The Complaint

I sent Chief Church an email Tuesday detailing the thousands of dollars spent on Honor Guard activities over just the past 3 years. And, just as my previous article on this site does, directed him to the Operations page on the SKF&R website detailing their responsibilities and ‘volunteerism”.

{Since the Chief appears to have removed the evidence, for proof,  Click here for a screen save of that page from December 9, 2010, just read the second sentence of the third paragraph.}

I asked for his review and response to my concerns of spending tax-payer money on overtime when the 12 members of the Honor Guard were described as members who ‘volunteer their time and financial support’.

The response

No direct reply to my concerns from the Chief yet. But swift action has been taken. Was the money returned to the department? Did the Chief come forth with an apology? Have the ranking administrators been disciplined? I have no clue.

But I do know that now when you visit the official SKF&R website, the entire Operations page is missing. Removed and hidden from public view. Like it never was. (Wonder if the chief knows about screen shots.)

I have no idea what, if anything, the chief will send me back as a direct reply to my email, but rest assured that I am not going to wait too long before shifting this inquiry to the next level.

One thing seems patently clear, though. That is we will continue to pay overtime for the Honor Guard and there will no longer be any assertions of volunteerism among the ranks. Why else remove the ‘volunteer’ reference that has been proudly displayed for the past several years?

Does anyone else see cause for a complaint being filed with the State Auditors Office?

UPDATE 1/20/11-  08:30am

Looks like the department will now try, again, to call me a liar. The website has word-smithed the facts and the Operations page of the SKF&R website is back up and functional. Except, now the word Volunteer and any reference to it has been sanitized from the script. Too late.

Conclusion:  this flurry of recent activity substantiates that it was a false statement that LT Hassell approved of back in late 2008. He was the departments choice of people to proof read the text identifying the members as volunteers, while he was collecting over $2,000 just in Honor Guard overtime pay that year alone.

(BTW, someone really should proof the latest text again, as at least one major and degrading grammatical error still exists.)

The word as I have it so far. 6/22/11


Chief Church has not responded to my request for review and comment. Other than to quickly rewrite the public viewable text describing the Honor Guard, nothing.  When the public reads on the official SKF&R website these Guiding Principles: Never Walk Past A Mistake, and Serve With Pride, then the Chief ignores a citizens request for comment or justification, what conclusion do you  arrive at?

Read the chief’s response here

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