Can someone tell me why, in August of 2006, Chief Church put Deputy Chief Kettenring on home duty? For two full years? Then allowed to retire with full benefits? Essentially paid administrative leave.

It appears that there may have been some sort of stir shortly before his new ‘assignment’. Mr. Kettenring was suddenly assigned to do ‘studies and reports’ at the sole direction of the Chief. He was assigned tasks that resulted in having no contact with anyone in the department other than Chief Church. And continued in this newly created, one time only (I hope!), position, for two years. Something bad must have happened for the Chief to ask an employee to stay at home, with full pay, for such an unorthodox assignment.

Why, someone might even view this as a major cover-up.

By the time Kettenring officially retired in 2008, almost $200,000 dollars in salary was granted for no meaningful work or duties.

While some rumors have swirled about, I want to know, and I think the taxpayer needs to know, why the Chief felt it in the public’s best interest to basically relieve this employee from active duty, send him home to perform menial or non-existent tasks and still pay him full wages and benefits for two years.

This is just one of the employees that Chief Church hired that seems to have shown very questionable judgment with the tax-payers money when hired to perform district administrative duties. Remember another employee during this same time frame, Grant Gaspard?


Update 3/21/11

Received an email Sunday:

Patrick Kettenring is now working for Pierce County. Fire Prevention Bureau. He has been working the Counter to assist customers in getter their fire permits. Then in about Summer/Fall 2009 he became a Fire Deputy Chief and is doing Fire Investigation work full time.


I have not confirmed this information. But if true, apparently whatever it was that caused him to be dismissed from SKF&R does not interfere with continuing collecting wages and building retirement benefits in ‘public service’

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