“South King Chief Al Church said that if someone were discovered to be carrying on the department’s property, that person would be isolated and the police would be called to remove them.”


Two out of three.

One: At the march 17th Special meeting, three people were ‘discovered to be carrying’. They walked in with their firearms completely viewable on their hips. Open Carry is the phrase.

Two: Because the district was aware in advance that these folks were going to be at the meeting, they called the police and had three officers show up. The district must have a high degree of paranoia because the Federal Way Police sent a Commander and 2 gang unit officers to the meeting. What is with that?

Three: Guess what? The Chief was WRONG!! These people were not isolated and the police did not “remove” them.


Wise Decision


The department instead finally read the law and saw the illegal activity they would be involved in trying to enforce their policy and rewrote their policy to correctly allow the public to go onto the fire district property armed. The policy now reads that Employees are prohibited from having firearms on district property unless they are store out of sight in their personal vehicle.

Now, if the fire district would just stop making wild accusations maligning the public and get on with the business of running the district efficiently, wouldn’t that be great?

Nice updated article in the Federal Way Mirror


Suggested $$$ Saving Actions


Stop Commissioner Fossos from creating self full-filling meetings, which he confirmed are not the business of the district and then charged the tax-payers for them! (Yearbook cost us over $700!)
Stop two of the commissioners from charging mileage just to go to the office.
Stop the ‘volunteer’ Honor Guard from getting paid an average of $750 in OVERTIME for every rehearsal and performance. (Especially carrying the colors for the Fire Commissioners at their annual gathering in eastern Washington)

Volunteer as defined in Black’s Law dictionary: “A person who gives his services without any express or implied promise of renumeration in return is called a “volunteer”, and is entitled to no renumeration for his services”

Volunteer as defined by SKF&R: paid OVERTIME for rehearsal and event.


Just like the Public Comment section of the commissioner meetings, when this was brought to the attention of the district, the public is ignored.

Two months have passed since I wrote to Chief Church bringing this to his attention and no response. This is your leadership team at work.

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