Over $8600 was spent on all-expense paid trip to Colorado, none of which was for public safety.

15 Responses to “Proper oversight by your elected officials?”
  1. Matthew Jarvis says:

    Jerry, try using the state auditor’s whistle blower program to report these guys for the $8,600 and violation of PDC campaign laws. https://www.sao.wa.gov/EN/Investigations/Whistleblower/Pages/Whistleblower.aspx

  2. Aaron says:

    Yes, be a whistle blower, worry about someone esles issues.

    • Jerry says:

      So you think that potential mis-appropriation of tax-payer money should be ignored because it is “someone elses issue”?

      By-the-way, any of these ‘whistle blower’ links allow, and actually default to, anonymous reporting, so feel free to visit the auditors office and participate.

  3. Aaron says:

    I think that if you didn’t hide behind a scren, you would be more effective.

    digitel transmission of some kind of tattle taleing does nothing. Its like submittin a report to an anonymous tip line. How much do you really think it generates when you actually do make the effort if you are the only one?

    • Jerry says:

      Thanks for commenting Aaron.

    • Chuck Brezina says:

      Jerry’s face is very well known in the 30th district, his face and comments have appeared in the Mirror, Times and Tribune. He also participated in open candidate forums, perhaps you did not attend? Perhaps your contributions went missing?

      BTW I am happy to see you have arrived to view. Please note that Jerry allows posting of the good, bad and ugly comments where as on many sites they wouldn’t see the light of day. Try getting this issue on a radio talk show, I can tell you from expierienced attempts it will not happen.

      • Jerry says:

        Thanks for the kind words, Chuck.

        While I encourage comments, it seems that Aaron is fixated with ignoring the issue and is just commenting so he can attack me personally. And, alas, I contributed to that by allowing his comments to be posted. If he is waiting to be censored, unless his comments become more relevant, that should be sooner than later.

        I would like to return to the issue of mis-appropriation of public funds and the lack of accountability in our elected officials and appointed leaders. As stated before, the fire district is still working on answers to some of my Public Records Act requests. That information will assist in supporting the facts I have so far gathered, which I believe will show conclusively that Commissioner Fossos, Commissioner Rickert and Chief Allen Church have willfully and knowingly violated the public trust by spending taxpayer money to send eleven coworkers on all-expense-paid trips to Colorado in September of 2010. Indeed, the evidence will show that Commissioners Fossos and Rickert, as elected officials, did so in direct violation of the SKF&R guidelines of Governance, personally benefiting by being two of the eleven people traveling. And I believe that these two violated the public trust even further because were they not elected to be the public’s voice and oversight to proper use of taxpayer money?

        The posting and updates of solid information to this pages might seem slow, but these are just the conditions of the machine of government. It moves slowly, unless the intent is to overrule the will of the people and raise more taxes. But let’s not drift too far.

        • Aaron says:

          Me attacking you personally will always be in a judicial way. I have no intention of ever leading off the beaten path of keeping a good talk going.

          However, you bring up taxpayer money. How about the tax MAKER money? Have you ever brought a thought to the table to consider that your own government, the one that protects you and makes the laws for citizens to abide is taking risk?

          In a digital era, where information is so widely known and apparent to the public that they are shielded from what is truth, I have a feeling you may not be as coherent as you would like to be. Especially with the unknowing of who I am, what I am capable no matter how political or derogatory.

          You have still yet to prove that their trip was inadvertent to the task force. I want to see more documentation. Show us proof.

  4. Aaron says:

    Yes you’e welcome. I still think that you are wasting your time Jerry.

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