The board of commissioners called a “Special Meeting” last week. And I am calling them out on a line that appears on every single meeting agenda. “behavior that does not add value.” The April 12th “Special” meeting is exactly that. No Value!


The board of commissioners April 12th “Special Meeting”


Lasted two minutes and 6 seconds


The only agenda item was not pressing and could have easily waited until the regular meeting next week.

But you spent over $600 in taxpayer money for this 041211. (click for audio of entire 2:o6 minute meeting)


Copy of the Interlocal Agreement.

Proof that there is NO REASON for a Special meeting other than to waste your tax dollars. This was not a time sensitive document and in fact is just a formal agreement for an informal practice that has been taking place for years.  It could have been a simple agenda item on any regular meeting.

Four commissioners at $104 each and one attorney at $200 an hour.

The good news is that because one commissioner was running late, he does not get his $104 meeting allowance, plus the travel pay he ALWAYS puts in for.

Must have been a slow month for meetings and they needed to boost the paycheck somehow.


Do you see anything of substance in this “Regular” meeting? Instead of dealing with the normal activities of the district here, these elected officials felt need to call a Special meeting at a cost of over $600. WASTE!!


April 26th, 2011
Station #68-1405 S.W. 312th Street
3:00 PM


1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting on March 22nd, 2011 and Special meeting on
April 12th, 2011
4. Commissioners Comments
5. Public Comments – please state your name and address for the record (please limit
comments to 3 minutes or less)
6. Commissioner Committee Reports
7. Administrative Team Report
8. April Budget
9. Public Comments – please state your name and address for the record (please limit
comments to 3 minutes or less)
10. Adjournment

We will respect each other and their opinion, and we will hold each member accountable to confront inappropriate behavior, or behavior that does not add value.





At the regular meeting yesterday, it was mentioned that Donald Perry, the manager of Lakehaven Utility District, is retiring Friday. And it does not take much of a leap to conclude that the timing of this Interlocal Agreement coincides nicely.


So, after years of business as usual, our commissioners decide to rush through an agreement so that Donald Perry can officially be a part of it.




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