I have been working on getting more information on the Deputy Chief Patrick Kettenring case.


Public Records Act requests have been submitted to help understand what the taxpayer received for the over $200,000 (plus retirement benefits) that Chief Al Church granted this sudden work-from-home employee.


According to the terms of the very cozy contract and announcement letter, there was a myriad of ‘special assignments’ that he would be doing and the only person he would be reporting to was Chief Church.


The public should be very concerned about why the ‘special assignment’ was awarded, and what the district and taxpayer received for what was basically an almost two year paid vacation from duties.


Mystery continues to surround the cause of the sudden assignment, but rumors are there may have been some questionable personal/professional decisions made by the Deputy Chief Kettenring regarding a relationship.


And, no, it is not ancient history. ANY questionable use of our taxpayer money by the administrators of a public budget raises questions and concern over their judgment.


Until shown otherwise, this appears to be a simple case of an ‘FBI’ backscratching.


What did we get for the $200,000?




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