Here is a district that gives public input and involvement a lot of meaningless lip service.


The dates and times for all regular meeting of your elected officials are determined in December and posted on the website. This allows the public to clearly see, and plan for attending, a meeting if desired.

And gives notice that a day or two before the regular meeting there will be an agenda so you can review it to see if an item sparks your interest.


But, in the interest of keeping the public out of Special Meetings, the board policy specifically requires that only a 24 hour notice be posted on the website.

So, if you don’t check it EVERY day, you will not know when such items as gun control, special favors for outgoing water district directors or political pitches to your elected officials in Olympia are being made, at your expense.


On several occasions I have requested to be informed by email of the date and time for these Special Meetings. Since all of the commissioners have to be notified anyway, adding any interested parties email address to the list is simple.


The response has been the commissioners guidelines says they do not have to. Indeed, there is no provision for any reasonable notification at all to anyone. Even the media needs to make a specific and direct request to be notified.


So, why is it them that on at least two open public meetings the commissioners ignored the request from one member of the public and actually sent out targeted invitations to several people that otherwise had no interest is the affairs of the district?


According to public records requests, the January 6, 2011 Special Board Meeting prompted invites to Representative Miloscia (attended), Representative Orwall (attended) and Representative Asay Not attended).

The records, although specifically requested, are missing any indication of how Senator Eide (attended) heard about the meeting but she was there.


And then there is the March 17th Special meeting. In this one we have two issues. The first is an invitation to have an officer or two ‘drop by’ in a “keep the peace presence” at the Special Board Meeting and the second is a blatant cover-up and attempt to keep the public unaware and out of the process.


In an email 1 week BEFORE the meeting, Deputy Chief Ed Plumlee actually wrote in an email “I’d appreciate if you would keep this to a very small circle please. “

A side note on this email is the lack of follow up with this line “I’ll be networking with media and special interest groups”. The district was clearly aware of who the Special Interest Group was but made NO attempt to actually contact them.


I am sure that informal invitations also occur as there have been a variety of non-district attendees at other Special Meetings. But just try to get the district to actually tell an interested member of the public of a Special Meeting date and time.


But I do have a solution. I know how it will be mandatory for the district to notify me of Special Meetings of the Board of Commissioners.


Elect Jerry


I will even invite people who want to be notified of any commissioner meeting to let me know an I will gladly share meeting notices with all of you. After all, these are Open and public meetings




From: Plumlee, Ed
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 2:46 PM
To: Brian Wilson
Subject: Meeting

Brian, I fairly certain that we’ll be making a policy change on a special meeting of the commissioners Thursday March 17th at 1700. We’ll be announcing the meeting, mostly an executive session, on Tuesday or Wednesday. Can you help us by having an officer or two drop by at meeting time? I don’t expect there will be a big showing of activists but I’d like to have a “keep the peace presence. “ If we can get the change in place I’ll be networking with media and special interest groups, explaining why we changed, prior to our March 22nd meeting to minimize any potential issues on the 22nd. I’d appreciate if you would keep this to a very small circle please.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.




Exactly as written but Email address and phone number deleted

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