Thank you for your patience, everyone.

Here is a Monday morning update on the flow of data requested from our fire district.

Requested email records almost two weeks ago. After the obligatory 5-day wait, I was told it would take the district another 10 days just to determine when they would be able to tell me the expected delivery date of the information.

Since there was some difficulty deciding how they request would be met, I sent a clarification email limiting the scope of the original request. I am sure that will assist the IT folks and should make it easier to respond.

Still awaiting reply to last email.

On another note,

Now we know why Aaron was so secretive. Aaron has forced us revisit our comments policy.  It has been determined that his desire is not to positively participate in this discussion, and indeed, in an attempt to shut down constructive conversation, has hacked in to the site and taken control of some of the functions, including comments.

For all of his ‘open-communication’ and ‘public-has-a-right-to-know commentary, he sure hastened to shut down the dialog.

I am sure we have not heard the last of him.

Alas, I have sadly chosen to remove the ability of viewers to comment on this blog.  I will try to keep you updated.

Just goes to show what happens when a group of responsible concerned citizens try to shine a bit of light on the possible mis-appropriation of public funds.

2 Responses to “Still waiting for Public Records Act request”
  1. Aaron says:

    I have a sore feeling that I will need to post my content manually then. Considering you seem to think that a moderation queue can stop my voice from being heard.

    Your insolence is making me grow tired of trying to accomplish reasonable data.

    Either conform, share real information and respond to your public. Or, find that your site and any attached may be at risk.

    Be as it may, the decision is entirely up to you Jerry.

  2. Aaron says:

    Interesting how you added my comment back to moderation.

    I feel this to be a bit uncalled for Jerry.

    Shall I share my greater skills or will there be more vindicated information and possibly even ANSWERS to my questions?

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