First there was an excellent demonstration from the Thomas Jefferson High School Emergency Response & Health Careers Program.

As available on the Federal Way Mirror website for June 23 this past April their team came home state champions.

I hope to post a link to some video showing their presentation soon.





More videos you may find of interest


Here are two videos of note from the board of commissioners meeting today. Commissioner Fossos appears very upset that a constituent would share a report from the police department with another commissioner.

(by the way, the district has decided to stop video recording their meetings. So you will only see this here, and on YouTube)


First video:

You will need to turn the volume up.
In this clip, one commissioner asks about a communication sent to the fire district from the police department and the police chief.
Since it concerned a policy procedure regarding personnel getting paid for in-district travel, which I believe not to be covered by Resolution 320, the question is should all of the commissioners have been informed of the report filed with the police department.



Second video:

How do you stifle public participation at an Open Public Meeting? Easy.


Have a long standing precedence and publish an agenda that includes two Public Comment sections. One near the beginning of the meeting and one at the end of the meeting. Just be certain to make sure the first one is before you talk about any agenda items.


This way most people will wait to see what agenda items of interest arise in the meeting that they may wish to comment on.


Then, after the first session passes without comment, just make a motion that starting immediately there will be only one public comment session at all meetings starting with this one.


See? Easy.


This is how your elected officials make sure they are not asked anything and all public input is nicely avoided.


The part that I especially like is where the attorney asks “How much comment do you want” or not want?


This public entity decided that NONE is the right answer.






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