You have to wonder what he is trying to hide.

When Chairman Bill Gates sent this letter to the Federal Way Mirror, and in light of him and his associates on the board ratifying certain crisis by ignoring a cap on revenues, Chairman Gates doffs his commissioner hat to speak in support of the cabal of three; Gates, Fossos and Thompson.



This tight-knit trio has engineered the greatest revenue deficit in the 60 year history of the district. And with the help of their beloved hired chief, continues to shift blame for their mis-handling of this district to the citizens.

He lauds Thompson and Fossos for their integrity and leadership, blindly ignoring that they sorely lack both.

At the public hearing for the budget, at every opportunity, Chief Church relentlessly shift responsibility away from the board and toward one citizen. If there was an increase in any budget item it was Jerry Galland’s fault. If there was a decrease in revenues, it was again Jerry Galland’s fault.

Much hand wringing and emotional plea for a reprieve from the board fell on deaf ears as everyone focused their demise onto one citizen. All ails are the responsibility of Jerry Galland.


Enough already.

Jerry only pointed out the obvious, and tried to give the board a viable alternative. But, because it came from Jerry, it was ignored and dismissed.

This blatant arrogance by the board has come at a solemn price to the citizens of this district.

At no time has there been a budget deficit this severe.



And at no time has there been a greater need for the board to reflect onto itself for an answer.

It is long past the time for this board to admit that an outside and independent opinion is better than their collective minds could conjure.

Albeit late in coming, since long before the defeat of the ill advised Prop 1 was voted on, considering and accepting the generous ceiliing of $23 million per year in revenues is long overdue.


History repeats itself

Unfortunately, this board is so locked into self-serving platitudes, it is impossible to right itself.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is futile.

Sadly, this board is bound a determined to repeat itself.

Without a major shake-up this district is headed for ruin.


A chance for renewal

I have done everything possible to break up this triad but without your support and vote it will solidly march the district into repeated and serious deficit.


Elect Jerry Galland to the board for a fresh perspective.

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