When Chief Allen Church and his long experienced team of administrators presented for approval the 2012 budget with future amendments, the entire team blatantly expressed NO Confidence in the existing board to provide any relief next year.


It looks like Chief Church has lost confidence in Commissioners James Fossos and Mark Thompson.


Instead, he hangs his last desperate hope for better times on a completely new board. One made up of objective members with clear problem solving abilities.


Commissioners Fossos and Thompson have challengers for their seats in the election next month.


And one challenger continues to receive ‘backdoor’ endorsements. One from the Federal Way Mirror, another from political contributor Bob Roegner and another clearly from Chief Church himself.

For the positive change that everyone wants, fill in the box for Jerry Galland


Why not a final budget?


All the signs are there for predictable revenues declines. While the exact numbers are not clear, they only represent a difference of a few thousand dollars.


The 2011 budget, passed in October of 2010, shows the same thing, declining revenues.



Your King County Assessor sent you the 2012 property valuation in July of 2011 showing a definitive number from which to estimate revenues in 2012.


So then why is it, with all of the high priced talent, self-proclaimed expertise and experience within SKF&R, does the Chief and his administrative team present a waffled 2012 budget pending “amendments” to be announced next year?


He clearly has no confidence in the existing board to bail him out.


He is waiting until after the election, hoping for a better board to present his Amended Budget.


‘Backdoor endorsements’


The Federal Way Mirror-

On October 19 the Federal Way Mirror Editorial Board questions existing SKF&R board members for their “objectivity to balance their advocacy for firefighters and the community they serve”.

And states that “the public deserves more scrutiny of fire district expenditures in these tight economic times”.

Not wanting to leave the question unanswered, the editorial board goes on to praise Jerry Galland with this assessment:

“Jerry Galland, is among the few community activists willing to challenge this sacred cow. Admittedly, Galland walks the line between instigator and problem solver. At the very least, Galland raises the issue of whether the board needs candidates who bring more objectivity, especially with taxpayer dollars at stake. That is truly in the public’s best interest.”


Bob Roegner-


Wrote for the October 26th edition of the Mirror:

“Galland does represent a view within the community: that an additional person outside the firefighting world may be needed on the board to provide more of a check and balance.”

“Is Galland the right person to provide that balance?”


And finally, Chief Church-

Chief Church offered up the third backdoor endorsement for change in the board at the regular board meeting October 25 where he asked for budget approval.

When his passionate plea at the October 13th Special meeting for this board to “find some way to improve revenues” went unanswered, by his action, Chief Church essentially told this board on October 25th that he no longer has confidence in its ability to provide needed revenues.


Instead, Chief Church held back his final budget until after the election, apparently expressing some glimmer of hope for much needed change and improvement.


Are you going to ignore 3 ‘backdoor’ endorsements?

All of these people have shown by words or actions their desire to have Jerry Galland elected to the board of commissioners.

Can that many learned and diverse opinions be wrong?

I ask you to consider this when you get your ballot.

For better service, you need to vote out the incumbents.

For the positive change that everyone wants, fill in the boxes for Jerry Galland and Timolin Abrom



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