… here are all of the comments to this blog, back on-line in their entirety. As you will read, Aaron has clearly threatened to attack this website with a vengeance, and I feel the threat is real as this attack has shown some indication of success. His actions are direct, clear and specific.

However, I feel that his efforts should be exposed for the harassment and intimidation that they are. So, instead of deleting them and undermining the intention of the other concerned citizens who visit, I have decided to post them so all can see what measures the opposition will take to silence our genuine and rightful questions.

And I am sure that Aaron is correct when he mentions the other visitors to this site from the employ of South King Fire & Rescue. In fact, Aaron, the avatar, is suspected to be a member of the South King Fire & Rescue. (And, is this more than random? Is it personal? Is it possible that he is one of the people who went to Colorado Springs on tax-payer funds?) His current attack is reminiscent of the attack that was made on my Vote No Prop 1 website a few months ago. An attack that followed several strikingly similar comments submitted by another self-described member of the SKF&R.

I have every expectation the attack will continue, and even heighten, but let it occur in the light.

Regrettably, the ability to submit comments for this blog have been somewhat curtailed due to the severely invasive nature of this attack.

We have created a new page which will allow for interaction. Please use the new Contact Us page to send me an email.

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