It is still me me  me when it comes to taking every penny possible from the taxpayer and some of your elected officials miss no opportunity.


I picked up the Commissioners reimbursement forms for November. Checked on how wisely our elected public employees are watching out for your money.


As usual and expected, one of these commissioners continue to grab the maximum allowed by law for his own pocket. The other may be opening his eyes a bit. This is the first time in almost two years that he has missed collecting mileage for in-district travel. It could be just an oversight though. Let’s see if the new leaf continues into the new year.


It is amazing that no amount of scrutiny or calling attention to the fact that firefighters are volunteering pay cuts and suffering reductions can get through to some guys. All they see is as long as it is allowed by law, they somehow deserve it.

Usually the mileage amount is updated in January of every year, but periodic changes do occur as seen in July of 2011 when the rate was again increased.

These commissioner rushed to make sure they could take advantage of the increase immediately, no matter how small. Naturally, their very next reimbursement form included the new rate.




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