Know about something in the department that you know is terribly wrong?


Want to be a whistleblower but can’t?


Been intimidated into silence?


Feel like you have nowhere to turn for help?


Know that if anyone discovered you leaked it, it might cost you your job? Or worse?


Know that doing the Right Thing will make you feel better and avoid consequences?


Contact me. Send me an anonymous tip.


Even if you have to create a new email account to do it. And even if you have to make up a fake name, or not give any name at all, to feel comfortable.


I will need specific information in order to investigate. Generalizations get us nowhere.


And while I will respect your anonymity, I may not be able to act without more information, so being able to ask you questions is very helpful.

So, not required, but requested, is a way to get in touch with you. Keep your identity secret, just make sure I can reach you by email.


Share your thoughts with confidence. I am the only one with access to this email. No one else will ever know!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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